Money Matters: Understand the Currencies in Europe

As we all know, euro is widely used in Europe. It is the official currency of most European countries. However, it is also important to note that not all European countries, whether a Schengen member or not, use euros. Thus, one must understand the other currencies used in Europe. So if you are planning on a Europe trip, then this post for you!


Switzerland is the first country I visited in Europe. I’m currently working here as an expat and I consider this as my second home. Switzerland is a country in Europe but, it is not part of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the Eurozone. However, it participates in the Schengen Area. Although most countries in the Schengen Area use euro as their official currency, Switzerland has its own which is called the Swiss franc (CHF).

CHF 1 = PHP 52.50

USD 1 = CHF 0.988

Other Currencies

In this section, I will provide the other European countries which I haven’t visited yet and their corresponding currencies. I will also update this post and explain more about the country and its currency once I travel there. 😉

CurrencyCountry ISO-4217  USD 1  inv. PHP 
Albanian lekAlbaniaALL 107.800  0.481 
Armenian dramArmeniaAMD 479.100  0.108 
Azerbaijan manatAzerbaijanAZN 1.703  30.500 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
convertible mark
Bosnia and
BAM 1.736  29.900 
Bulgarian levBulgariaBGN 1.728  30.000 
Belarusian rubleBelarusBYN 2,075.000  0.025 
Swiss francLiechtensteinCHF 0.988  52.500 
Czech korunaCzechiaCZK 22.590  2.300 
Danish kroneDenmarkDKK 6.588  7.870 
European euroAndorra, Austria,
Belgium, Cyprus,
Estonia, Finland,
France, Germany,
Greece, Ireland,
Italy, Kosovo,
Latvia, Lithuania,
Malta, Monaco,
Portugal,San Marino,
Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Vatican City
EUR 0.882  58.800 
Pound sterlingUnited KingdomGBP 0.785  66.100 
Croatian kunaCroatiaHRK 6.547  7.920 
Hungarian forintHungaryHUF 282.500  0.184 
Icelandic kronaIcelandISK 123.600  0.420 
Moldovan leuMoldovaMDL 18.060  2.870 
Macedonian denarMacedoniaMKD 54.360  0.954 
Norwegian kroneNorwayNOK 8.626  6.010 
Polish zlotyPolandPLN 3.758  13.800 
Romanian leuRomaniaRON 4.164  12.500 
Serbian dinarSerbiaRSD 104.100  0.498 
Russian rubleRussiaRUB 64.790  0.801 
Swedish kronaSwedenSEK 9.399  5.520 
Turkish liraTurkeyTRY 5.831  8.900 
Ukrainian hryvniaUkraineUAH 26.540  1.950 

Take note that foreign exchange rates vary from time to time. The value of your money today might be less or more than yesterday. The rates are just guides for you to have a better understanding of the currencies in Europe.

Did I help you understand the currencies in Europe better? What are your suggestions for this post? Let me know by commenting down below!

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